Herbal Medicine
Integrative medicine at its finest, combining clinically effective herbs at therapeutic dose levels

Nutritional Supplementation and Specific Dietary Recommendations
Access to profession quality supplements and guidance in effective, therapeutic doses. Counseling in specific Naturopathic dietary protocols that benefit a myriad of health conditions

Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing for MEN & WOMEN
Achieve optimal physiological levels and balance of sex hormones working with herbs, nutrients and compounding pharmacies, as needed. Testing by saliva and blood available

Gastrointestinal Health
Specializing in complete GI health stool and saliva assessments for parasites, bacterial dysbiosis, ‘leaky gut’, food intolerances, SIBO, yeast/candida and much more

Adrenal Hormone Balance
Adrenal function testing to measure your stress hormone levels and effectively repair imbalances causing numerous complaints from fatigue to insomnia to depression and anxiety

Neurotransmitter Balance
Identify & balance neurotransmitters utilizing Targeted Amino Acid Therapy. A powerful tools to address anxiety, pain from fibromyalgia, fatigue, depression, cravings insomnia and much more

Heavy Metal Chelation
Assessment and Oral treatment only

Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Determination
Identifying food reactions and guidance in Elimination/Challenge diets. The prognosis of living with food reactions, explained

Both classical and acute


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