Meet the Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Shawna Hasel
I was lucky to be born and raised outside of The Dalles, in the country. Constantly surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of central and eastern Oregon, the abundance of natural outdoor pursuits fueled my desire to create a model of healthcare that is wellness-oriented rather than disease-focused. Having received my doctorate from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, an accredited institution and leading university in the Naturopathic Medicine- I returned home, much like the salmon!

My goal is not to simply alleviate your ailments but to identify the cause. All while recognizing the complexities and interconnectedness of the human body, mind and spirit.

My role is to remove of the obstacles to cure and facilitate the healing process- on all levels. I treat many conditions by simply teaching (or reminding) you how to acknowledge and support your body’s inherent ability to heal. I believe you are unique and complex. All healing modalities are customized, well-researched and up-to-date, to address your specific needs. Your role is to strive towards getting well & keep me informed of the great changes that occur along the way!

I love Naturopathic medicine; the breadth and depth of what it has taught me to do to help others. But in my off-time I enjoy spending time with my husband, Jeff and chasing my children. On the go, I enjoy running the hills, hunting for hormone-free wild game, mountain biking, camping, and bird hunting with my Small Munsterlander, Juniper. When not on land; paddle boarding, fishing with my family, windsurfing have caught my attention on the waterways. To sit still, I plant in my garden & tend my yard, chickens, shrubs, trees and flowers.


Guiding Principles:
The doctor as teacher. Education and guidance is the foundation of my practice. I believe true change comes with knowledge.

Participation in your own healing process. Dedication and commitment to making constructive lifestyle changes and being open to exploring the road blocks preventing your healing, is critical. This is a team approach. We will provide the guidance, but you are ultimately responsible for following through…

Finding the underlying cause. Your body is intricate and symptoms are an external sign that something deeper exists. Rather than simply masking or treating these symptoms, we will work together to uncover the deeper imbalances at work.

Respect and listening. I respect and value your insight into your health history. I will listen to you and take the time to hear your story.

Sometimes the greatest healing comes with the simplest approach. I vow to keep it simple and affordable for you. Though, sometimes a more complex treatment plan is necessary and I will recommend the highest quality, professional products and specialty lab tests.


Philosophy of Wellness:tree
Wellness is better described as a state of balance on every level (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Like nature, your body is constantly striving towards balance. But your internal “terrain” is bombarded on a daily basis by obstacles to health including stress, genetics, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, hormones, infections, again and more. Disease is essentially when obstacles are too many or too intense and your body is not able to center itself, bringing it back to optimum state. You then experience symptoms, which are essentially manifestations of this imbalance. Over time, neglect of these symptoms may lead to a chronic state of imbalance or disease that takes time to reverse. Let’s remove those obstacles to health- whenever possible and start bringing the body back to balance!

By seeing health and disease from this viewpoint, it becomes clear why it is essential to address the underlying imbalance (rather than just the symptoms) and to treat the whole person.

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